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L2a: Invited Lecture – Biosignatures and Clues of Life
Time: Monday, 04/Jul/2011: 2:30pm - 3:15pm
Session Chair: Barbara Sherwood Lollar
Location: Auditorium Pasteur

Session Abstract

The session timespan includes a 15-min introduction by the session Chair.


Indices of life: lessons from the early Earth microfossil record.

Emmanuelle Javaux

University of Liège, Belgium

Microfossils may provide direct evidence for the evolution of major biological innovations, from the Archean appearance of cells to the Proterozoic diversification of the domain Eucarya. Geobiological studies can improve our understanding of preservational environments and taphonomic processes, abiotic processes and products, and help us to tentatively define diagnosis criteria for microfossils or ways to look for life on Earth or in extraterrestrial environments.