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L2b: Invited Lecture – Biosignatures and Clues of Life (continued)
Time: Monday, 04/Jul/2011: 5:00pm - 5:45pm
Session Chair: Mikhail Fedonkin
Location: Auditorium Pasteur

Session Abstract

The session timespan includes a 15-min introduction by the session Chair.


Characterizing atmospheric evolution scenarios and possible biospheres on Earth-type exoplanets within M-star habitable zones by models and observations

Helmut Lammer

Austrian Academy of Sciences, Austria

Earth-type exoplanets orbiting within habitable zones (HZs) of M-type stars are exposed much longer to higher X-ray and EUV fluxes compared with planets in orbits around Sun-type stars. This exposure will heat, expand and modify the atmospheres including possible biomarkers. It will be discussed how we may observe non-hydrostatic atmospheres and characterize them with space observatories such as the WSO-UV, together with other characterization projects and modeling efforts in the near future.