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L6b: Invited Lecture – Prebiotic Chemistry (continued)
Time: Thursday, 07/Jul/2011: 4:30pm - 5:15pm
Session Chair: Yufen Zhao
Location: Auditorium Pasteur

Session Abstract

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Exploring the Possible Contributions of Base Pair Intercalation and Reversible Backbone Linkages in the Origin of the First RNA-like Polymers

Nicholas V. Hud1, Aaron E. Engelhart1, Ragan Buckley1, Michael C. Chen1, Eric D. Horowitz1, David G. Lynn2

1Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America; 2Emory University

We are investigating the hypothesis that small, planar molecules (intercalators) originally selected the nucleic acid base pairs. Experiments reveal that intercalators greatly enhance the nonenzymatic polymerization of tetranucleotides, whereas cyclic oligonucleotides are almost exclusively produced in their absence. Other experiments show that reversible backbone linkages can work with intercalators to promote the formation of long polymers by “recycling” previously cyclized oligonucleotides.