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O1b: Contributed Orals – Origins: From Stars to Life (continued)
Time: Monday, 04/Jul/2011: 12:15pm - 12:30pm
Session Chair: Purificación López-García
Location: Auditorium Pasteur


The Chemical Origins of Nucleotides

Matthew W. Powner1, John D. Sutherland2, Jack W. Szostak1

1Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Massachusetts General Hospital, USA; 2MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge University, UK

We reported a chemoselective, prebiotically plausible route to activated canonical pyrimidine ribonucleotides. Development of our chemistry resulted in the discovery of a pH-controlled multicomponent reaction (allowing the first chemoselective glycosylation of purine precursors) and an acyl-transfer cascade (a potential solution to RNA linkage heterogeneity). The bimolecular and multicomponent incorporation of sulfur and the possible implications for RNA and DNA synthesis will be presented.