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OP3: Early and Minimal Life Panel
Time: Wednesday, 06/Jul/2011: 11:00am - 12:30pm
Session Chair: David Deamer
Location: Auditorium Pasteur

Panelist Speakers: Niles Lehman, Felix Olasagasti, Peter Unrau

Session Abstract

Nota: Only a few panelist presentations (not all of them) have an associated abstract, to be found in the list hereafter.


A highly cooperative network of RNA replicators

Nilesh Vaidya, Niles Lehman

Portland State University, United States of America

A single self-replicating RNA would not sustain information on its own if it surpassed the “error threshold”. On the other hand, a cooperative network of RNA replicators would be able to accumulate, preserve and process information. Here, we used a collection of RNA fragments that covalently assemble into an Azoarcus group I ribozyme to explore the ability of RNA replicators to form a cooperative catalytic network. The resulting RNA population meets many of the requirements of an all RNA hypercycle.

Multiple scenarios for the origin of life and implications for early life

Felix Olasagasti

UPV/EHU-Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Spain

The synthesis of polymers such as nucleic acids is a key step in the prebiotic chemical evolution towards the formation of the first living cells. Many research efforts have tried to elucidate plausible prebiotic scenarios that could have allowed and promoted this synthesis. These scenarios often consider environmental conditions that are very different from one another. In this panel, I will list some of these scenarios and discuss implications for the earliest life forms.