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OP4: Outreach and Education Panel
Time: Friday, 08/Jul/2011: 10:30am - 11:30am
Session Chair: Linda Billings
Location: Auditorium Pasteur

Panelist Speakers: Gerda Horneck, Marc Kaufman, Woodruff Sullivan

Session Abstract

Nota: Only a few panelist presentations (not all of them) have an associated abstract, to be found in the list hereafter.


Graduate Education of Future Astrobiologists

Woodruff Sullivan

University of Washington, United States of America

We have been training graduate students in Astrobiology now for a decade. A participating student obtains his/her Ph.D. in many possible departments. Simultaneously, she/he works for a Certificate in Astrobiology, which requires core courses and seminars, field trips, a research rotation, and a thesis topic with a component of astrobiology. Of continual concern is the balance between depth and breadth, as discussed in our textbook "Planets and Life" (2007, eds. W. Sullivan and J. Baross).