Abstract submission

The submission of oral contributions is now closed.
Poster Submission is Still Open!
Only abstracts received until Sunday, May 15th, 2011 can be included in the conference book.

Late abstracts received after May 15th and until the beginning of the conference, may still be accepted (within the limit of available poster exhibition boards), however without any guarantee of being included in participants’ welcome package.

Important: Authors of accepted abstracts are kindly requested to complete their registration and pay the relevant fees before Friday, May 27th (missing payments at this date may involve the non inclusion of respective abstract(s) in the conference book and media).

Before submitting your Abstract please read the following guidelines and the Information for Authors.

Abstract submission and scientific management of Origins 2011 are operated through the ConfTool platform (separate from the registration platform), where personal login accounts are automatically created after online pre-registration to the Conference (login information is sent by e-mail). Important: pre-registration requests must have been validated by the Conference Administrator before ConfTool accounts can be created. This may require a few days: please anticipate the submission deadline.

Not yet preregistered to Origins 2011 ? Please first visit the registration page (and fees / related information page).
Already pre-registered to Origins 2011 ? You can click the following link (opens in a new window) :
Access Scientific/Submission platform

Check/complete your personal information

At first ConfTool login you will be requested to check/complete your personal information. Please enter/correct your affiliation data as they should appear on the Conference Information (Author index, Abstract display, etc). Click “Submit user data” to save changes.

Online Abstract submission

Each person pre-registered to Origins 2011 can submit a maximum of 2 contributions. From the Conftool overview page, please click the link “Your Submissions” and choose the “Abstract” item. The submission form proceeds in two steps:
1. Author/Organization/Submission data and Short Abstract;
2. Data preview and file upload.

Step 1. The following information is requested:

Authors’ information: First (given) name e.g. ‘Albert’; last (family) name e.g. ‘Einstein’; e-mail address (why asking for this?). Select which Author will present the paper at the Conference. If several co-Authors, the submitting Author can be at another place than first.
Organization(s) – one per line. Please keep organization data concise: Name of Institution/Department, City, Country. In case of several Authors from different organizations, use Organization index numbers.
Submission Title and Short Abstract: enter or copy-paste in appropriate text fields. Non-ASCII characters e.g. greek letters, math symbols…, are allowed (copy-paste from a word processor if not available from your keyboard; do not forget to check/preview your data).
Topic (scientific session): select the most relevant for your Abstract (select exactly one Topic). If you consider your Abstract to be relevant to more than one of Origins 2011 Topics, please state this and the subsidiary Topic in ‘Remarks’ field. Nota: the Scientific Commitee can assign another topic if considering more appropriate.
Oral Presentation? If you apply for an oral presentation, please check the box “candidate to Oral” (submissions with this box unchecked will be considered for poster presentation only). The decision of accepting an Abstract as oral presentation belongs to the Scientific Committee – Please note that some of Origins 2011 Topics/Sessions only accommodate posters (Outreach, Education and History).

to go to next page, click “Proceed”.

Please note: Abstract Title, Author names, order, Organizations, e-mail address of correspondence/submitting Author, must be identical in the online submission form and in your PDF Extended Abstract. Only data entered in the online submission form will be used to compile the printed Conference Book and Presentation/Author indexes for the electronic media. No metadata will be extracted from PDF files, which will be included as is in electronic supports without any further processing by Conference Organizers.

Step 2. Data check and PDF file upload

Please check entered data (displayed in preview mode; for corrections, click “Return to Step 1 “). You can either upload your PDF file immediately, or save your submission and come back to upload your file later (click “Save Submission, Upload File later”; please consider that file upload must be completed before submission deadline!).
Select the file to upload from your computer, then click “Upload File and Complete Submission” (Authors will receive a confirmation e-mail).
The PDF file must have a maximum size of 3 Mbytes and must be of one page (A4 format = 210×297 mm), including headings, text, bibliography and (optionnal) illustration or table with legend. PDF files not compliant with these requirements will be withdrawn by the Conference Organizers prior to reviewing, what may involve non acceptance of the submitted Abstract.

Previewing/Editing your submission

You can preview your submissions at any time, and edit your submissions /update your uploads until Submission Deadline (February 19th 2011). From the ConfTool “Overview” page, go to “Your Submissions” to access view/edit/upload links (from this page you can also view submissions where you are listed as co-author). Select e.g. “Show Abstract” to preview your Abstract as it will appear in the online Conference agenda, or “Contribution Details” to view all information / uploaded file.

Important: email addresses of co-Authors

When filling in the Abstract submission form you are requested to enter e-mail addresses of all co-Authors: why?
If one of your co-Authors is registered in ConfTool with the same e-mail address, he/she will be entitled to access (read only) your submission; if participating to the Conference he/she will also appear as registered co-Author in the online Conference program and Author Indexes – (co)Author indexing is based on e-mail address only.
Especially, if the Presenting Author is different from Submitting Author, he/she must be pre-registered to Origins 2011 and registered in ConfTool with the same e-mail address as in the submission.

Information requests

For information regarding Origins 2011 Abstract submission and Origins 2011 ConfTool use, please contact Laurent Boiteau (coordinator of Origins 2011 online scientific platform).