Registration (details)


Please read carefully the following guidelines before starting the registration procedure – as several steps of which are irreversible. We advise you to keep this page open in a separate browser window while proceeding to your registration to Origins 2011.

Information requests about registration to Origins 2011 must be sent to the Conference Administrator: Ms. Reine Bédos.

Your registration to Origins2011 proceeds in two main phases:

– Phase 1. Online Pre-Registration        from Saturday, October 30th, 2010

– Phase 2. Online Confirmation of Registration and Payment
       Earlybird rates fees: until Saturday, February 19th, 2011
       Full rate fees from Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Due to technical constraints independant of our will, you have to pay your registration fees, your student accomodation (if needed), your participation to the Gala Dinner and to the excursions, the fees of your accompanying person (and excursions) in ONE and ONLY one payment.
If you forget any item you will NEED to (pre)register AGAIN for those items you have forgotten, with a different e-mail address.
Before payment, double check that all options you need have been selected. The corresponding amount will be calculated automatically.
* Please select also the Welcome Cocktail if concerned: even if it is free of charge, the Organizing Committee needs to know how many people will attend).
* Low-cost accommodation fees is for one person only (student room).

Registration of accompanying persons

No separate registration of accompanying persons is possible. Accompanying persons must be registered together with the phase 2 (confirmation) of your personal registration (maximum 2 per conference participant). If you really need to register more than two accompanying persons, please contact Ms. Reine Bédos (Conference Administrator).


Phase 1: Online Pre-registration

Click the following link (will open in a new window): pre-register now to Origins 2011

Fill-in the pre-registration form (one page) – herebelow are a few tips: Tarification: (= fees category). Please specify your status regarding fees category. Nota: in the form the item "Student/University" stands for "Academic": please select it only if you are an academic researcher/teacher or a post-doc. The fees category "Student" is reserved to PhD/undergraduate students. This determines the registration fees you will pay upon confirmation.
Important: DO NOT select Organizer unless you have been personnally invited to do so by the Organizing Comittee.
If you register as Student you will be requested to present a written proof of your status (your official student card) when arriving at the Conference site.

Personal e-mail/phone/fax/address: no need to enter your "home" information! these can be your "office" contact information; you can repeat the same contact information in the "Organization" address fields.
Affiliation: please enter the name of your Laboratory/Department/University
Contact name: (the last two lines of the pre-registration form) this can be your secretary/assistant or the Administrator of your Department, or yourself. If there is no different contact person, please leave the field "Contact name" empty and repeat your personal e-mail/phone/fax information.

Submit your preregistration by clicking "OK" (not your keyboard "Enter" key). Attention! Once you have clicked "OK" you will not be able to edit your data anymore. In case of error, please contact Ms. Reine Bédos (Conference Administrator).

Validation by Conference Administrator and e-mail confirmation

Once you have submitted your pre-registration form, it must be validated by the Conference Administrator (this may require a few hours to a few days delay). You will be informed by an e-mail message from address "" about the validation of your pre-registration (do not answer to this e-mail).
Please keep this e-mail as it contains data necessary to go on with next phase of your registration.
Any further information about your registration to the Conference will be communicated to you by e-mail.

As soon as your pre-registration has been validated, you are allowed to proceed with the second phase of your registration – please remind the earlybird deadline for reduced registration fees (Saturday, February 19th, 2011).

In due time, after your pre-registration is validated by the Conference Administrator, you will also receive an e-mail message containing Abstract submission guidelines and your login information for the abstract submission platform (Abstract submission opens on Monday, December 13th, 2011, please see Call for papers pages). If you do not wish to submit contributions please just ignore that message.


Phase 2: Online Final registration and Payment

Click the following link (will open in a new window): confirm now your registration to Origins 2011 (the same link will be contained in the e-mail message informing you that your pre-registration is validated)

To log in, please enter your last name, first name and e-mail address.
Attention! You must enter the above items exactly as they were entered in the pre-registration form (upper/lowercase, spaces, hyphens, accented letters…), otherwise the system will not recognize your login. If you have lost your login data please contact Ms. Reine Bédos (Conference Administrator).

The online registration form includes six pages (plus the online payment).

If you need to return backwards to correct/change entered information, please use the "back" button below the form, not the "Back" command of your browser.
You can enter your registration data in several times (on each page the data you entered are saved once you click the "OK" button), as long as the payment / invoice emission is not done. Please note that that all registrated items must be paid in one time.

Page 1: Personal information

This page recapitulates your personal data entered in the pre-registration form (you cannot modify these data). Please enter personnal information extras: your arrival and departure date/time, diet requirements (if any), image rights, then click "OK" to proceed.

Page 2: Organization (Affiliation) information

This page recapitulates your Organization data entered in the pre-registration form (you cannot modify these data). Please click "OK" to proceed.

Page 3: Selection of the payment mode

Online payment (usual case): please select "you are paying the invoice"
Payment by Institutional order form (only for members of French public organisations): please select "Someone else or a company pays", and fill in the name and address information of the person responsible for the payment (e.g. your laboratory/department Administrator) to whom the invoice will be sent.

Page 4: Selection of payable items

Please read carefully the list of proposed items and check the lines relevant to your situation/choice, and to the number of persons to register (including yourself!). For details please refer to pages Social Program, Accomodation. Amounts for all selected items will be added into your invoice. Please do not forget free items (0 €), e.g. welcome cocktail: we need to know the exact number of bookings for good organization.
Tip: to select a given item for three persons, please check both lines "1 person" and "2 persons". Should you need to book a given item for more than three persons, please contact Ms. Reine Bédos (Conference Administrator) before confirming your registration.

List of proposed items: registration of accompanying persons, welcome cocktail, gala dinner, low-cost accomodation.

List of excursions in Registration form – attention: listed by alphabetical order, not by date! (Abbreviations: Nr item number in social programme page; a.m. morning; p.m. afternoon; eve evening).
Excursion Name Date (July 2011) -Nr- Remark
Aigues Mortes & Salins Mon 4th | p.m. 4
Carcassonne & Canal du Midi Sat 2nd | all day 1 pre-Conference excursion
Château de Flaugergues Fri 8th | eve 15 post-Conference excursion
Distillery of Fragrance Marty Thu 7th | p.m. 12
Domaine de la Croix Chaptal Sun 3rd | a.m. 2 pre-Conference excursion
Evening by the sea Fri 8th | eve 16 post-Conference excursion
Festivales de Saporta Tue 5th | eve 9
Grotte des Demoiselles Mon 4th | p.m. 5
Grottes de Clamouse & St Guilhem Wed 6th | p.m. 11 mid-Conference excursion
Montpellier Tue 5th | a.m. 6
Pont du Gard & Nîmes Tue 5th | p.m. 8
Sète & Etang de Thau Tue 5th | p.m. 7
Uzes & Haribo factory Fri 8th | p.m. 14 free for kids (until 12 year old)
Week End in Provence Sat 9th & Sun 10th 17 post-Conference excursion 2 days
Welcome to La Manade Wed 6th | p.m.&eve 10 mid-Conference excursion w. dinner


Page 5: Confirmation of registration #1

This page recapitulates your payment options and total amount due. Please verify your invoice and confirm the payment option:
Online payment (normal case): please select "Credit Card"
Payment by Institutional order form (French public organisations): please select "Transfer"
Click "OK" to continue (important: after having clicked "OK" in this page you cannot go backwards and you cannot modify your data anymore!)

Page 6: Confirmation of registration #2

This page confirms the payment mode selected (and shows the CNRS Creditor information if you have chosen the Institutional Order form payment option).
Click "Finish" to complete your registration (and to proceed with payment on the online secure platform if you have selected the Credit Card option).

Online payment (credit card)

You will be automatically directed to a secure online payment platform. Please enter your credit card information (card number, validity limit, 3-digit cryptogram), and click "validate" to confirm the payment.

You will then receive the confirmation of your registration, and the receipt of your credit card payment in two separate e-mail messages.

If for any reason the online payment cannot be completed, the entire registration procedure must be re-started. Should this happen, please contact Ms. Reine Bédos (Conference Administrator).

Payment by institutional order form (members of French public organizations only)

Your laboratory/department Administrator (Organization contact person) will receive an email message with the pre-invoice attached containing all payment data. Your administrator must then send as soon as possible a copy of this pre-invoice together with an institutional order form to the address stated in the pre-invoice.
Please note that your registration will be guaranted only once we have received the order form related to your registration.
You will receive the confirmation of your registration by e-mail.


We are looking forward to seing you in Montpellier next July !

For any questions related to your registration to Origins 2011, please contact Ms. Reine Bédos (Conference Administrator).