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Origins 2011 Program

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– Session introduction: 15 min per ChairPerson
– Invited Lecture: 25 min presentation + 5 min questions
– Contributed Oral: 10 min presentation + 5 min questions

Sunday, July 3rd

Opening Plenary Lecture: Ada Yonath (Israel, Nobel 2009 Chemistry)


Monday July 4th

Origins: from Stars to Life

Chairs: James Kasting (US), Purificación López-García (France)
Invited speakers:
– Jose Cernicharo (Spain)
– Gerald Joyce (US)
– Alessandro Morbidelli (France)
– Addy Pross (Israel)
Contributed speakers:
– Sun Kwok (China)
– Matthew Powner (US)
– Douglas Whittet (US)

Biosignatures and clues of life

Chairs: Barbara Sherwood Lollar (Canada), Mikhail Fedonkin (Russia)
Invited speakers:
– Emmanuelle Javaux (Belgium)
– Helmut Lammer (Austria)
Contributed speakers:
– Luther Beegle (US)
– Annie Chabin (France)
– María Colín García (Spain)
– Jean-Pierre Paul de Vera (Germany)
– Bernard Foing (Netherlands)
– Fabien Stalport (France)

International Year of Chemistry: Perspectives on the Origin of Life: an open dialogue

Chair: Antonio Lazcano (Mexico)
Invited speakers:
– Christian de Duve (Belgium, Nobel 1974 Physiology/Medicine)
– Ada Yonath (Israel, Nobel 2009 Chemistry)

Tuesday, July 5th

Early Earth processes

Chairs: Daniele Pinti (Canada), Frances Westall (France)
Invited speakers:
– Abigail Allwood (Australia)
– Minik Rosing (Denmark)
Contributed speakers:
– Nils G. Holm (Sweden)
– Christian Koeberl (Austria)
– Jeremy Kua (US)
– Eugenio Simoncini (Germany)
– Christophe Thomazo (France)
– Kosei Yamaguchi (Japan)

Exoplanets and habitability

Chairs: Victoria Meadows (US), Stéphane Udry (Switzerland)
Invited speakers:
– Franck Selsis (France)
– Victoria Meadows (US)
Contributed speakers:
– Alan P. Boss (US)
– René Heller (Germany)
– Mercedes Lopez-Morales (Spain)
– David Neubauer (Austria)
– Antigona Segura (Mexico)
– Robin Wordsworth (France)

Space and future exploration Panel:

Chairs: Alvaro Gimenez (Spain), Pascale Ehrenfreund (Netherlands)
Invited speakers:
– David Des Marais (US)
– Alain Léger (France)

Wednesday, July 6th

Early and minimal life

Chairs: Alonso Ricardo (US/Columbia)
Invited speaker:
Irene Chen (US)
Contributed speakers:
– Ádám Kun (Hungary)
– Pierre-Alain Monnard (Denmark)
– Armen Y. Mulkidjanian (Germany)
– Raphaël Plasson (Japan)
– Andrew Pohorille (US)

Early and Minimal Life Panel

Chair: David Deamer (US)
Invited speakers:
– Niles Lehman (US)
– Felix Olasagasti (Spain)
– Peter Unrau (Canada)

Thursday, July 7th

Prebiotic Chemistry

Chairs: Raffaele Saladino (Italy), Yufen Zhao (China)
Invited speakers:
– Nicholas Hud (US)
– John Sutherland (UK)
Contributed speakers:
– Katarzyna Adamala (US)
– Gonen Ashkenasy (Israel)
– Jan Hendrik Bredehöft (Germany)
– Giovanna Costanzo (Italy)
– Hervé Cottin (France)
– James P. Ferris (US)
– Terence Kee (UK)
– Anna Neubeck (Sweden)
– Peter Nielsen (Denmark)
– Eric T. Parker (US)

Past and Present Solar System

Chairs: Daniela Lazzaro (Brazil), Hikaru Yabuta (Japan)
Invited speakers:
– Dominique Bockelée-Morvan (France)
– Kevin Hand (US)
Contributed speakers:
– Jean-Pierre Bibring (France)
– Sylvie Derenne (France)
– George Flynn (US)
– Anny-Chantal Levasseur-Regourd (France)
– Karen Meech (US)
– Sandra Ramírez (Mexico)

Friday, July 8th

Outreach and education Panel

Chair: Linda Billings (US)
Invited speakers:
– Gerda Horneck (Germany)
– Marc Kaufman (US)
– Woody Sullivan (US)

History of Science

Chair: Stéphane Tirard (France)
Invited speaker: Antonio Lazcano (Mexico)

Evolutionary perspectives

Chairs: Simon Conway Morris (UK), Mary Voytek (US)
Invited speakers:
– Euan Nisbet (UK)
– Anthony Poole (New Zealand)
Contributed speakers:
– Zann Gill (US)
– J. Peter Gogarten (US)
– Aaron Goldman (US)
– Irma Lozada-Chávez (Germany)
– Claudio Maccone (Italy)
– Juli Pereto (Spain)
– David Schwartzman (US)
– Jean Vautrin (France)

Closing ceremony

Chairs: Carl Pilcher (US), Gerda Horneck (Germany)

.Abstracts are available online in the detailed schedule