Invited Lectures and Contributed Orals

List of Invited lectures and Oral contributions by chronological order
Labels in round brackets after Speakers’ names correspond to abstract numbers in the printed Conference book. Abstracts are available online in the detailed schedule. Each oral session starts with a 15-min introduction by the Session Chair; allotted time per type of presentation (including questions): Invited: 30 min / Oral: 15 min.

Sunday, July 3rd

Opening Plenary Lecture

Session Chairs: Irvine, William / Siefert, Janet
[plenary] Yonath, Ada (L0-1) : An RNA apparatus with ribozyme capabilities is embedded and functions within the contemporary ribosome

Monday July 4th

Session 1a – Origins: From Stars to Life

Session Chair: Kasting, James
[invited] Cernicharo, Jose (L1a-1) : Molecules in the Interstellar Medium: Chemical Evolution from Interstellar Clouds to Protoplanetary Disks
[invited] Morbidelli, Alessandro (L1a-2) : Terrestrial Planet Formation: a New Perspective
[oral] Kwok, Sun (O1a-1) : Delivery of Complex Organic Compounds from Evolved Stars to the Solar System
[oral] Whittet, Douglas (O1a-2) : The origin and distribution of interstellar methanol ice: The route to complex organic molecules in preplanetary matter

Session 1b – Origins: From Stars to Life (continued)

Session Chair: López-García, Purificación
[invited] Pross, Addy (L1b-1) : Toward a General Theory of Evolution: Extending Darwinian Theory to Inanimate Matter
[invited] Joyce, Gerald (L1b-2) : Self-sustained Darwinian Evolution of RNA
[oral] Powner, Matthew W. (O1b-1) : The Chemical Origins of Nucleotides

Session 2a – Biosignatures and Clues of Life

Session Chair: Sherwood Lollar, Barbara
[invited] Javaux, Emmanuelle (L2a-1) : Indices of life: lessons from the early Earth microfossil record.
[oral] Colín García, María (O2a-1) : Detection of peptidic sequences in the ancient acidic sediments of Río Tinto, Spain
[oral] Chabin, Annie (O2a-2) : Experimental fossilisation of viruses from extremophilic Archaea
[oral] Foing, Bernard (O2a-3) : Sampling Extreme Life in the Desert: Geochemical Habitats and Biodiversity

Session 2b – Biosignatures and Clues of Life (continued)

Session Chair: Fedonkin, Mikhail
[invited] Lammer, Helmut (L2b-1) : Characterizing atmospheric evolution scenarios and possible biospheres on Earth-type exoplanets within M-star habitable zones by models and observations
[oral] de Vera, Jean-Pierre Paul (O2b-1) : Detection of methanogene archaea in Mars-like environment: a systematically approach of RAMAN analysis for biosignature detection
[oral] Beegle, Luther (O2b-2) : How much is not enough? Understanding the Astrobiology potential from very minute samples and the astrobiology case of the Encleadus plume
[oral] Stalport, Fabien (O2b-3) : Thermal stability of carbonates: a physical signature for detecting life on Mars

Tuesday, July 5th

Session 3a – Early Earth processes

Session Chair: Pinti, Daniele
[invited] Rosing, Minik (L3a-1) : The early Archaean biosphere, the invention of photosynthesis and the destruction of the prebiotic environment
[oral] Holm, Nils G. (O3a-1) : Early plate tectonics, pyrophosphate, Na+, and the origin of life
[oral] Koeberl, Christian (O3a-2) : Hadean to Early Archean Impacts on Earth
[oral] Thomazo, Christophe (O3a-3) : Multiple sulfur and carbon isotope composition of the 2.7 Ga Manjeri and Cheshire Formations (Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe): a window on the Archean ocean “oxygenation”.

Session 3b – Early Earth processes (continued)

Session Chair: Westall, Frances
[invited] Allwood, Abigail (L3b-1) : Early Earth processes and the preservation of evidence of early life
[oral] Yamaguchi, Kosei (O3b-1) : Enrichment of Mo in the 3.2 Ga old Black Shales Recovered by DXCL-DP (Dixon Island-Cleaverville Drilling Project) in Pilbara, Western Australia
[oral] Simoncini, Eugenio (O3b-2) : Modeling free energy availability from Hadean Hydrothermal Vents to the first metabolism
[oral] Kua, Jeremy (O3b-3) : Primordial Ocean Chemistry and its Compatibility with the RNA World

Session 4a – Exoplanets and Habitability

Session Chair: Udry, Stéphane
[invited] Selsis, Franck (L4a-1) : From hot to habitable worlds
[oral] Boss, Alan P. (O4a-1) : Habitable worlds around M dwarf stars : The Carnegie astrometric planet search program
[oral] Lopez-Morales, Mercedes (O4a-2) : Magnetic fields in Earth-like exoplanets and implications for habitability of planets around M-dwarfs
[oral] Neubauer, David (O4a-3) : Computation of the extension of life supporting zones

Session 4b – Exoplanets and Habitability (continued)

Session Chair: Meadows, Victoria
[invited] Meadows, Victoria (L4b-1) : The Diversity of Exoplanets, Habitability, and Biosignature Gases [replacing Sara Seager]
[oral] Segura, Antigona (O4b-1) : Atmospheric chemistry driven by stellar flares on habitable planets around M dwarfs
[oral] Heller, René (O4b-2) : Tidal equilibrium and the habitability of extrasolar planets
[oral] Wordsworth, Robin (O4b-3) : Habitability of super-Earths around M-dwarf stars: a case study of the Gliese 581 system

Wednesday, July 6th

Session 5 – Early and Minimal Life

Session Chair: Ricardo, Alonso
[invited] Chen, Irene (L5-1) : Information-rich sequences from replicating systems
[oral] Plasson, Raphaël (O5-1) : A DNA toolbox for engineering in vitro life-like behaviors
[oral] Kun, Ádám (O5-2) : RNA structures and the error threshold
[oral] Pohorille, Andrew (O5-3) : Origins of Protein Functions in Cells
[oral] Mulkidjanian, Armen Y. (O5-4) : Evolution of membrane bioenergetics
[oral] Monnard, Pierre-Alain (O5-5) : Attempt at a Systemic Design of a Protocell: Connecting information, Metabolism and Container

Thursday, July 7th

Session 6a – Prebiotic Chemistry

Session Chair: Saladino, Raffaele
[invited] Sutherland, John D. (L6a-1) : RNA – Prebiotic Product, or Biotic Invention?
[oral] Bredehöft, Jan Hendrik (O6a-1) : Synthesis of a peptide bond with slow electrons
[oral] Cottin, Hervé (O6a-2) : UVolution, PROCESS and AMINO: compared photochemistry in low Earth orbit and in the laboratory of prebiotic organic compounds related to small bodies, Titan and Mars
[oral] Neubeck, Anna (O6a-3) : Abiotic CH4 gas and the role of dissolved CO2 in low temperature hydration of olivine.
[oral] Parker, Eric T. (O6a-4) : New Insights into Prebiotic Chemistry from Old Archived Miller Extracts
[oral] Ashkenasy, Gonen (O6a-5) : Self-replicating beta-sheet peptides

Session 7a – Past and Present Solar System

Session Chair: Yabuta, Hikaru
[invited] Hand, Kevin P. (L7a-1) : Astrobiology of the Outer Solar System: Origins in Icy Worlds
[oral] Bibring, Jean-Pierre (O7a-1) : Emergence of life: its record still preserved at Mars?
[oral] Ramírez, Sandra (O7a-2) : The evolution of Titan’s aerosol analogues in putative liquid water-ammonia bodies
[oral] Levasseur-Regourd, Anny-Chantal (O7a-3) : Interplanetary dust particles of cometary origin, as a possible source of complex carbonaceous compounds on terrestrial planets in the early solar system

Session 7b – Past and Present Solar System (continued)

Session Chair: Lazzaro, Daniela
[invited] Bockelée-Morvan, Dominique (L7b-1) : Composition of comets : tracing the early phases of Solar System formation
[oral] Flynn, George (O7b-1) : Pre-Biotic Organic Matter from Comets and Asteroids
[oral] Derenne, Sylvie (O7b-2) : The chemical structure of insoluble organic matter in carbonaceous meteorites
[oral] Meech, Karen (O7b-3) : New Insights into Comets Provided by an Earth-Based Observational Campaign of the EPOXI Mission Target, 103P/Hartley 2

Session 6b – Prebiotic Chemistry (continued)

Session Chair: Zhao, Yufen
[invited] Hud, Nicholas V. (L6b-1) : Exploring the Possible Contributions of Base Pair Intercalation and Reversible Backbone Linkages in the Origin of the First RNA-like Polymers
[oral] Nielsen, Peter (O6b-1) : Towards Peptide Nucleic Acid (PNA) based Translation and Replication Systems
[oral] Ferris, James P. (O6b-2) : Progress in Studies on the RNA World
[oral] Costanzo, Giovanna (O6b-3) : Spontaneous generation of RNA in water
[oral] Adamala, Katarzyna (O6b-4) : On the origin of life: natural selection in the protocell population
[oral] Kee, Terence (O6b-5) : Emergence of phosphorus-based energy currencies & coupled chemical cycles on the early earth

Friday, July 8th

Session 8a – Evolutionary Perspectives: form Molecules to Biodiversity and Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Session Chair: Conway Morris, Simon
[invited] Nisbet, Euan (L8a-1) : The Regulation of the Air
[oral] Pereto, Juli (O8a-1) : Evolution of metabolism: insights from bacterial endosymbionts of insects
[oral] Lozada-Chávez, Irma (O8a-2) : « The modern RNA world »: Evolution of regulatory non coding RNAs and their contribution to the emergence of living complexity
[oral] Gogarten, J. Peter (O8a-3) : Molecular evolution before LUCA and the rooted Net of Life

Session 9 – History of Sciences

Session Chair: Tirard, Stéphane
[invited] Lazcano, Antonio (L9-1) : The ghosts behind the molecules: The history of the RNA World concept

Session 8b – Evolutionary Perspectives: form Molecules to Biodiversity and Extraterrestrial Intelligence (continued)

Session Chair: Voytek, Mary
[invited] Poole, Anthony M. (L8b-1) : Evaluating RNA world relics with comparative genomics [lecture cancelled; replacing speaker communicated soon]
[oral] Goldman, Aaron (O8b-1) : Viruses Aren’t Life, But Neither Are You
[oral] Gill, Zann (O8b-2) : The A-PR Hypothesis – Autonomy and Pattern Recognition in Evolution
[oral] Vautrin, Jean (O8b-3) : Information Natural Selection Theory Contributes Defining Life and Intelligence
[oral] Schwartzman, David (O8b-4) : Multiple Paths to Encephalization and Technical Civilizations
[oral] Maccone, Claudio (O8b-5) : A Mathematical Model for Evolution and SETI