Montpellier : culture & tourism


Located in southern France, near the mediterranean coast, Montpellier is a 1000 year old city with many monuments and pleasant places, located 800km from Paris, 400km from Barcelona, 200 km from Marseille, 500 km from Bordeaux. The city accomodates 250 000 inhabitants (400 000 including the suburban area).

The city became renowned from medieval times for its University, one of most famous medicine schools in Europe. This tradition has been continued and the local economy is still strongly centred around the university (70 000 sudents) and scientific research. Montpellier is close to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, to the nearby famous Camargue, to Nîmes and its roman monuments, and to the garrigues inland. The countryside around Montpellier offers a large variety of historical sites covering a period from 40000 BC (Hortus caves) to now. Landscapes lie from sea to mountains and from Precambrian to Holocene with a volcanic part.

Cultural life in Montpellier is very active, with art museums, the lyric and symphonic seasons at the opera house, and two major summer festivals:
Musée Fabre
Opéra (french)
Symphonic Orchestra (french)
Music festival Radio-france (end of july) (french)
♦ The national dance festival 2011 will take place at the same time as the meeting

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